Labor: $80.00 an hour Minimum half hour labor charge ($40.00). Labor starts when I start driving and ends when the service is complete.
(All towing, labor and roadside assistance services are subject to 8.5% tax)
Local towing under 20-mile radius:
Hook up fee: $ 60.00 plus labor
Long distance towing over 21 Mile radius:
Hook up fee: $80.00 plus labor

Door to Door Vehicle Delivery Nation Wide: E-mail for free quote. $ 1.10 per mile for cars, trucks and heavy equipment. $ 0.90 a mile for anything under 10ft and weighing less that 2,000 pounds. Door to Door costs are including fuel and lodging round trip.

(Vehicles transported within Washington state or being brought to Washington State are subject to 8.5% tax. Vehicles being transported to another state other than Washington are not subject to tax.)

Contracted out by corporations, businesses or private construction contractors to move construction equipment (nontaxable):

$115 per hour flat rate fee scheduled requests
$150 per hour same day unscheduled request

After Hours Towing, Weekends or Holidays: $200.00 per hour flat rate fee per tow.

Road Side Assistance:

Tire Change: $ 75.00 service fee, plus labor
Gas Delivery: $45.00 fee plus 5-gallon gas cost plus labor
Vehicle Recovery (winching): $125 an hour fee plus labor
Jump Start: $60.00 fee plus labor
Lock Out: $ 90.00 fee plus labor

Payment methods:

Exact cash payment (I do not carry cash)
Certified Check
Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express